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This patch brings polyrhythmic chaos to your Launchpad!

Based on the boiing monome patch, this allows for 16 bouncing lights to trigger midi notes from a drumrack or instrument. Expanded functionality includes options for changing velocity, independent speed, and movement type – Bounce, Rain or Erupt – all changed from the Launchpad itself.

Within the patch GUI you can also change the note lengths, transpose and scale options. The scale can be set for all 16 notes or each page can be set independently. This way the notes can be routed to different tracks, and using a MIDI Range patch to limit the notes which are received by each track. (I will provide a link to my own MIDI Range patches which automatically set their range to match the each 8 notes from the Polyboing patch)

v1.2 - Compatibility with LP Nexus improved

*Now available - LP Nexus - use multiple patches at the same time with one Launchpad --- https://gum.co/IYRIL

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LP Polyboing

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